Marsh crocodile species

Marsh Crocodile tn resources

The mugger crocodile preys on fish, snakes, turtles, birds and mammals including monkeys, squirrels, rodents, otters and dogs. It also scavenges on dead animals. During dry seasons, muggers walk many kilometers over land in search of water and prey. Hatchlings feed mainly on insects such as beetles, but also on crabs and shrimp and on vertebrates later on. Subadult and adult muggers favour fish, and prey on small to medium-sized ungulates up to the size of chital, a deer species Axis axis. When hunting large mammals such as deer they will sometimes leave it to rot while wedged under water before pulling it apart. They seize and drag potential prey approaching watersides into the water, when the opportunity arises. Adult muggers also feed on turtles and tortoises. Muggers have also been observed while preying and feeding on a python.